In Episode 129, we give you reasons to be stay motivated to prep in 2021. We talk about how things have changed from the last time we talked about this topic, which was in October 2019 in Episode 53.This show will motivate you. We give away an encrypted communication one-time pad from Partisan Labs. To enter, send an email to with “One Time Pad” in the subject line; a winner will be drawn at random. If you can’t wait to get one, Partisan Labs is offering a 10% discount from April 21, 2021 to May 31, 2021 with the coupon code “Prep20April21.” In the After Show, which is available to Patreon supporters, we talk about how your prepping is affected by the many states lifting COVID restrictions.This discussion is based on a recent piece Shelby wrote for the Victory Girls Blog, which is a very cool conservative media outlet. Please support our sponsors EMP Shield, Numanna Foods, Backwoods Home Magazine, CATI Armor, Jared Savik – Montana Realtor, and Minutemen Coffee. To learn more about this show, click here.