In Episode 127, we talk about something no one else in the prepping world does: some men and some  women taking advantage of each other in the Collapse. We have a solution to this in the end of the show (to make you listen to it!). Today’s episode is an updated version (hence the “2021” in the title) of Episode 3 we recorded back in 2018. We’ve refined and updated our thoughts on this top. In the After Show we get an update from Dan the Food Industry CEO, talk about whether it’s cowardly to “run away” from a blue state and move to a red state (short answer: uh.. no), and how Patriot sports fans can still enjoy better sports than MLB, NFL, and NBA. More topics no one talks about – except Prepping 2.0. Please support our sponsors EMP Shield, Numanna Foods, Backwoods Home Magazine, CATI Armor, Jared Savik – Montana Realtor, and Minutemen Coffee.