In Episode 89, our guest is anti-Marxist expert Trevor Loudon, the author of the book “The Enemies Within,” which was made into a documentary and the new book “White House Reds.” We talk specifically about the – yes, we’re going to say it – communist influence and control of BLM, antifia, and some blue cities and even states. In the After Show, Trevor answers almost two dozen questions from Patreons. (Note: the After Show was so good that we made it a free show on the Patreon site. It’s a post available to non-Patreons called “Episode 89: Trevor Loudon After Show Special.”) The After Show is usually only available to Patreon supporters – but we wanted to make this particular one available to everyone because the message is so important. But strongly consider becoming a Patreon supporter – $2 a month is all it costs – to keep getting awesome After Shows like this one. Please support our sponsors EMP Shield, Numanna Foods, CATI Armor, and Backwoods Home Magazine. Learn more about our podcast at Prepping