Patreon Summer 2021

Hello Patreons!

Hope your summer was good. Glen's was: He found out his cancer is gone at this time!

It's that time of year when we thank all Patreons - regardless of their support level - for being a Patreon by sending you a "goodie bag" of swag and other cool stuff. (Patreons at higher levels get cooler stuff - we're not Bernie Sanders where everyone gets the same stuff.)

Please do not procrastinate submitting your information. This online form is available only until October 7, 2021 at midnight Pacific time. No exceptions! With over 1,100 Patreons, we can't do "one 0ff" goodie bags.

The deadline for this year's goodie bag sign up is October 7, 2021 at midnight Pacific. Any incomplete, or incorrect, mailing information--unfortunately--means you won't receive your goodie bag. This sign up form will only be live until the deadline.

Patreon 2021 Goodie Bag Form

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