Prepping 2.0 Show

Intelligence Gathering and Analysis for Preppers with Sam Culper

June 19th, 2019|Podcasts|

In Episode 35, we have intel expert Sam Culper of Forward Observer who talks about intelligence for preppers. It’s not James Bond stuff; it’s much more practical than that. His book is SHTF Intelligence and is a must-read. In the After Show for Patreon supporters, he talks about the coming civil war (or, actually, low-intensity conflict). 

Gangs in the Collapse and Whether Law Enforcement will Follow Unconstitutional Orders with Officer “Mack”

June 12th, 2019|Podcasts|

In Episode 34, we have Officer “Mack” as a guest. He’s a law enforcement officer with extensive experience with gangs. He’s listened to high-level gang members tell him the gangs’ plans for the Collapse - you need to know this information. He also talks about whether law enforcement will follow unconstitutional orders. The After Show, available exclusively to Patreon Supporters, he talks about whether law enforcement will follow unconstitutional orders. 

Why Preppers Need Gold and Silver with Joe Jaquint

June 5th, 2019|Podcasts|

In Episode 33, we have a special guest: Joe Jaquint of the Patriot Trading Group. He is one of the biggest sellers of gold and silver in the country and the guy Glen and Shelby use for their precious metals. He explains why preppers need at least some gold and silver and how to go about it the practical way. The After Show for Patreon Supporters is a free-wheeling blast.