Prepping 2.0 Show

Who Will Win the Second Civil War? with John Mark

July 31st, 2019|Podcasts|

BONUS SHOW! In Episode 41, our guest is John Mark who put out a million-view controversial YouTube video about who will win the Second American Civil War. Big announcement: the discussion was so good in the After Show that we’re releasing the usually Patreon-only After Show for free to you in this regular show so you can hear it and find out what an After Show is all about. Learn more about our podcast at Prepping

Terrorism as the Trigger of the Collapse with Steve from Alerts USA

July 24th, 2019|Podcasts|

In Episode 40, our guest is Steve from Alerts USA, which sends out alerts of big events like terror attacks long before the mainstream news does. Steve is a terrorism expert having been around the intelligence community for a long time. We talk about terrorism as the event that triggers the Collapse. Our Patreon Supporters get more in-depth insight in the After Show to the terrorism topic.   

Everything About AK-47s with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

July 10th, 2019|Podcasts|

In Episode 38, we have the “king” of AKs, Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics. We talk about AKs with interesting information for both those who’ve never shot an AK to those are AK aficionados. Jim talks about the America he misses and gets a little choked up; we do, too. Jim answers questions from our awesome Patreon supporters. And we laugh a whole lot. A great show.